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Ung Roy! Ung Foy! Ung Loy!

One King! One Faith! One Law!
Brehon Pub in Chicago, IL has been a River North favorite since 1980. Deriving its name from the ancient Irish legal system (Brehon Law), it was started appropriately by two Irish-American brothers practicing law in Chicago. Look for the “Burke” coat-of-arms over the front door. We serve delicious food and alcoholic beverages to ensure that the merriment never stops. Don’t forget to join us for our famous St. Patrick’s Day Party!
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If you want to have an Irish-American feast in the city, come and visit Brehon Pub. Try our food and beverage today to learn why our longstanding pub is always filled with happy customers. Call us at (312) 642-1071 to find out about our dining and carry-out offerings. Our friendly waitstaff will warmly accommodate you once you call or set foot in our establishment.